Today, science is moving forward with long strides, and people can predict an earthquake by earthquake early warning. Earthquake is one of the most formidable manifestations of the nature of our planet, and it is capable of inflicting enormous damage. That’s why it is highly recommended to get an earthquake early warning app. Is it possible today to predict such geological disturbances? How do scientists do it? Answers to these questions are of interest to many people, primarily those who live in seismically dangerous areas. Science has provided humanity with distinct possibilities in predicting geological disasters, although forecasts are not always 100% accurate.


What causes earthquakes?


Earthquakes are a consequence of geological processes occurring in the mantle and the crust. The lithospheric plates are moving, and in a normal situation, this movement is barely noticeable. However, stress builds upon the crustal faults due to the uneven flow, which ultimately causes an earthquake.


Predictions of earthquakes in the past

Predict natural disasters people have long sought. The first successful steps in earthquake early warning were thousands of years ago in geologically troubled regions. In China, the ancient scientists were able to create a unique vase found by modern archaeologists during excavations for earthquake early warning. Ceramic dragons sit on the edge of the vessel, each holding a ball in its mouth.

At the slightest vibrations of the earth, the forerunners of an impending earthquake, the balls fell out of the dragon’s mouth – first of all, from the source of the future earthquake. So people could learn in time about the near misfortune, and even about which side would be the focus of the cataclysm. Earthquake early warning system Japan – is the topic people worry all over the world. So how does Japan monitor earthquakes? Before the earthquake, demersal fish rise to the upper layers of the water, somas are particularly worried. It was noticed by fishermen, who every time in such cases hurried home to warn loved ones about the impending disaster.


Modern methods


Today, seismographs can predict earthquake early warning. These devices are particularly sensitive sensors that record any vibrations on the surface of the earth. Since before any earthquake, micro-shots are first observed, an earthquake warning sign. He marks these precursors and conveys information to scientists who warn people through the media. Today, an individual small seismograph can be at the disposal of each person — there are different seismic monitors on sale that record changes and transmit them within the network, which allows receiving alerts and sending them.


Besides, some devices receive electromagnetic signals from the surface of the earth, which occur before earthquakes. It is also an effective method for predicting natural disasters, and the most accurate result can be obtained by combining the first and second signals. It is what we have at new seismic stations. Water also changes its behavior before a disaster, especially groundwater. Scientists make wells, the observation of which gives a reasonably accurate result. Due to the motion of the earth masses, the water in the wells may become turbid, suddenly warm up, its level usually changes.


Space geodesy also works well – satellites track the situation in marked seismically dangerous areas, transmitting information about the slightest changes. Such a warning system is effectively implemented in modern Japan; at the moment it is being sought to be introduced throughout the world.


Thus, earthquakes are predictable, although the earthquake warning signs are not always perfect. Sometimes the phenomenon does not occur – even though tiny tremors, which usually warn about it, have been observed for several days. Sometimes false alarms are broadcast. But in any case, modern scientists succeed in informing the local population.

What Can We DoEarthquake Early Warning with Earthquake Early Warning?

How to find out about a future earthquake?


Despite the impossibility of predicting earthquake early warning with the help of modern technologies and the study of the dependence of the occurring deformations of lithospheric plates, there are other signs of the upcoming natural cataclysm. More than any stations about the future earthquake, the fauna knows: among the visible signs are anxiety and unusual behavior of birds, animals, domestic animals, mass migration of reptiles (in winter, during hibernation, snakes and lizards crawl out even on snow).


When the earthquake is gaining momentum, and the series of jolts continues to increase, emergency services report the risk of a disaster to all civil defense headquarters.

Information about the disaster spreads very quickly. Sirens, hooters of enterprises, emergency messages on radio, television, SMS-notification from telecom operators – the entire area of earthquake risk is covered in a matter of minutes.

Earthquake Early Warning

What to do in case of an earthquake?


When receiving an alarm about earthquake early warning, depending on the specific situation and the development of events, consider the following tips and recommendations for surviving an earthquake:

  • turn on the radio, television, any source of direct broadcasting, preferably from the civil defense headquarters, to finally be convinced of the serious threat of an earthquake, as well as receive recommendations for action and the latest information on the current situation;
  • Inform relatives, relatives, neighbors, people on the street within reach of the threat of a catastrophe, while limiting themselves to short phrases without unnecessary emotions, saving time and not subjecting others to panic. It is best to confine yourself to the advice to turn on the radio, television for complete information. Contact those crucial people for you who are on the road or in other remote places. If you wish, if you have access to the Internet, send messages to anyone who may be able to use this information, but remember that every second is heavy, so in each of these situations you should not get carried away or give free rein to emotions;
  • Gather all the members of your family you live with to assign responsibilities for collecting and preparing for a possible evacuation;


What to do if necessary removal?

  1. Collect in a backpack or any available capacity for your essentials, passports, other relevant documents, money, valuables.
  2. Type in a container of water, prepare a small amount of canned food;
  3. Prepare the room for conservation (close all windows and balconies with locks, lock the gas and water, turn off electrical appliances from the network), lock the entrance doors with a lock;
  4. Take, if available, personal protective equipment (respirators, gas masks, gauze dressings, etc.);
  5. Take clothes (be sure to warm set);
  6. Help people with disabilities in the neighborhood, the elderly and the sick, help other people who need help;


Actions in case of earthquake threat:


  1. Turn off the electricity in the room, close all windows, doors, balconies.
  2. Notify neighbors and collect essential goods, documents, money, valuables, water, food, a portable receiver.
  3. Move away from buildings and power lines, open space with a clear sky – 90 percent saved a life in the event of an earthquake. Listen to the information on the receiver about the development of the situation for earthquake early warning.


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