USGS ShakeAlert

The USGS ShakeAlert System issues earthquake early warnings (ShakeAlerts) from a network system that detects significant earthquakes through its sensors.

The USGS and its partners have installed hundreds of seismometers throughout California, Oregon and Washington. Most of them are along faults that can produce earthquakes.

Process Warning

Data Processing

SkyAlert activates the early warning Communications platform and transmits the warning via our Critical Warning Platform.


Calculation and Delivery

SkyAlert calculates the expected shaking intensity and time to impact on an specific location and delivers the alert to the end user.


The SkyAlert Earthquake Early Warning System (EEWS) consists of our Critical Warning Platform (the Cloud) and our IoT Solutions.

When an earthquake happens, the SkyAlert Critical Warning Platform (CWP) receives the earthquake data from the USGS and utilizes the location of the end user to calculate the intensity of local shaking. It will also calculate the amount of time before the shaking will occur.

For significant shaking intensities, SkyAlert issues a customizable audio warning letting the user know what intensity of shaking to expect as well as how much time before the earthquake strikes.