The recent Southern California earthquakes are a reminder the big one could come anytime and firefighters in Menlo Park, California, want to make sure they are ready. 

The Menlo Park Fire District held a demonstration to show its response capabilities. They explain they are using some technological advances and a few old school techniques to help people be safe. 

ShakeAlert is a sophisticated network of sensors that monitor earthquake activity around the globe. Menlo Park’s officers said: “It is great that the sensors are already there, but the big question is “how the message gets out?”

The solution: SkyAlert. The system which turns a warning into actions through IoT technology.

Its mission is to change the culture around earthquake preparedness and to activate people as soon as possible, saving lives in the process. 

At this moment SkyAlert’s clients are mostly private companies but Menlo Park Fire Department is the first public agency in Northern California to take advantage of that system.

SkyAlert uses United States Geological Survey (USGS) sensor data and process it to the Menlo Fire Department’s systems. When an earthquake is detected, an automated system will leap into action at the station shutting off the gas valves, turning on lights, activating the speakers, and opening bay doors.

Menlo Park FD is also asking the State to become the first public agency to combine the Shake Alert system with an area wide, audible, community notification system. A portable speaker system will act as a pilot program.

All this new equipment will be crucial, now the crews are more prepared than they have ever been, as a result of the lessons they’ve learned over the years. At the top of that list, the ability to communicate quickly and clearly with the community.

Definitely, prevention is the key: SkyAlert IoT Earthquake Early Warning Solution is the tool that will help your company to be part of this new culture. Find out more information in its website



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