Earthquakes are an integral component of life in Los Angeles. Some of the citizens have already experienced these seismic movements, and others may have heard of it. It is a fact that it is not possible to prevent these quakes, but with SkyAlert you could be warned seconds before the big one, or may aftershocks. Mother nature is unpredictable, but we can pass and warn of the coming danger to others. It will be an early earthquake warning app in Los Angeles. The working principle of the SkyAlert earthquake warning app relies on scientific researches of the United States Geological Survey.


SkyAlert earthquake warning app


earthquake warning app los angeles


By taking destructive power of the seismic activities into account, SkyAlert offers inhabitants of the Los Angeles, risky earthquake area, very essential and life-level important warning solutions. By the help of this program, it will be possible to have a piece of information about epicenter and magnitude of the earthquake, as well as, duration of time it may reach you are calculated precisely by the software. So, till the disastrous earthquake waves reach you, SkyAlert warns you with the application, and you earn seconds either to survive, or to save lives of your family member, or for both. It is a life-saver app, one of the SkyAlert users has posted on Twitter, after practiced a more significant impending earthquake and have been alarmed by the app.


Initial Alerts


earthquake warning app los angeles


SkyAlert has had success on all tests and experiments and soon will be used by lots of people who live in active seismic areas such as Bay Area, South California, and serves to help them to survive from the earthquake. Functioning rules of the early earthquake warning app in Los Angeles and other similar areas are based merely on obtaining the nearest seismic waves, and delivering initial alerts of dangerous earthquakes with the higher magnitude to possibly damaging areas before actual non-impending waves arrived.

The first task is done by detectors and seismographs, nearest sensors to the epicenter detect and record P waves of the earthquake and transmit information about the intensity of this incoming critical danger immediately to the apps of the end user through cloud and platform. P waves are called felt waves of that seismic activity that may cause by the movement of plates. Fortunately, modern technology is so advanced, and we can send information by air are faster than S waves of the earthquake comes through soil and rocks. S waves are spoiling shakes are felt by all creatures and resulted in so many harms depending on the magnitude of the quake.


Debuts of SkyAlert


On the 30th of the November, last year, schoolchildren were evacuated by teachers after they got alarmed from the app. Besides this, there are many other debuts of SkyAlert, an advanced earthquake warning app in Los Angeles. It serves more than 1.2 million monthly users and over 400 enterprises. The main aim of the prize-winning app is to prevent and lower human and economic losses of the earthquake. Preparedness to the alarm requires more or fewer skills to bear, and knowledge about earthquakes and a little bit geology and structure of the neighborhoods. At this moment even a few seconds are crucial, to hold on or cover, not to be a victim of the earthquake.

When your advance earthquake warning app in Los Angeles alerts, the very first thing you have to do is being calm and not doing panic. Secondly, you have to be a good decision-maker, so find the right place to hold on. But you must remember that vulnerable and equipment that are highly vulnerable and possibly ready fire, to break may harm you worse than the vibration of the earthquake. Try to cover under the office table or other hard stuff. Be careful about your life; be informed.



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