Nowadays, we frequently hear a phrase – technology can influence all parts of our life. Therefore, today we state that earthquake detection technologyis a key to avoid quake accidents. Currently, scientists had a grand experiment on earthquake detection technology in Reykjavik and other regions of Iceland. They investigated the seismic process with the use of fiber-optic communications cable. Fiber-optic cables are put all over the world, and they provide internet connection, TV and radio services.

The results in Iceland were successful. People will be able to add indicators to their mobile apps or other devices. However, the experts say that to enhance the cable method is not possible nowadays.


A minute inquiry of earthquake detection technology



A seismometer is a tool to detect a quake activity. Seismologists put this costly device in earthquake sensitive areas.

The GFZ German Research Centre of Geosciences realized the research. They found about 16km of fiber-optic cable and applied it in the tests.

Firstly, the research group sent a fiber of the cable by the laser pulse. They supposed that it was an excellent way to learn the activity about disturbances inside the land. Although the scientists even were not sure about what to record, they could identify earthquakes tacts from far away. This process was a real revolution in this technology.

The research group could record the quake when the ground and cable were pressed or stretched. This earthquake detection technology allowed experts to determine seismic trembling, local traffic, and all movements along. The GFZ German Research Centre of Geosciences even detected a record from a terrible earthquake in South East Asia. Some experts stated that this method was better than seismometer.

Every day, we read and hear in the news about different natural disasters as well as earthquakes. All nation which faced with such destruction think the same issue: Will people know about quakes beforehand? How can we solve it? Will new earthquake technologies prevent terrible disasters? All countries must take into account these issues because it is not about local danger. Quakes can cause a tsunami which is seriously terrible for seaside countries, and we see that even some islands disappeared after disasters. Or, earthquakes damaged nuclear stations in Japan.

These examples are severe cases for humanity.

Researches about natural disasters show that these processes are increasing within recent years. Earthquakes are the most significant natural disasters severe effects for humankind. Furthermore, it upheavals of seismic energy currently represent a danger to billions of the habitats of our planet. The risk is on the expansion because of unwavering populace infringement upon actual seismical location.

Furthermore, the economic disturbance that natural disasters bring about is, unfortunately, raising too. Most experts state that a unique level of the harm quakes cause could be kept away from given better determining and cautioning.


Earthquake information system



Some cases make the research process difficult. For instance, the cables need an instrument to connect them, but this equipment is not cheap. That’s why the researchers try to find other relevant solutions.

This technology is an alternative for all expensive seismic systems. Even some experts think that the method will be acceptable in all earthquake early warning systems.

Several countries with high earthquake risk such as Japan have already applied this method. People are warned with the fiber-cable technology when an earthquake near to occur.

The notion is simple – the researchers need to identify massive ground actions are happening in a region. Today, approximately all parts of the world are full of fiber-optic cables. And it means that scientist will be able to reach all seismic changes where the cables exist in the next few years. For ShakeAlerts experts are still using seismometers as an earthquake warning system in Californian peninsula.

Furthermore, to improve the earthquake detection technology, there must be extra challenges. The experts have to encourage telecommunication organizations and Internet providers to include the technology to their strategies and suggest the cables at low prices. The research group has faced this problem in the USA. The communication companies of the US offered their properties (cables) for the short term period but required a lot of money.

Hence, the research group decided to find partnerships in the “Old World.” In Europe, companies were willing to participate in investigations and benefit from technology. Of course, nowadays, they have some difficulties in financial cases and confidence. Experts believe the future of the method, and it can overcome earthquake and volcanic activities.


AI technology in earthquake detection technology



Another new approach in earthquake detection technology shows up with the assist of artificial intelligence. This artificial intelligence method provides scientists to prognosticate where next quake will appear, aftershock areas, the power of an earthquake, etc. Considering that aftershocks have equal dispensation power with shock then these predictions are essential.

Scientists mainly plan to benefit from artificial intelligence in detecting aftershocks. Because in seismology we frequently see that after a massive earthquake there happen other quakes.

New artificial intelligence method will increase the determination of aftershocks. What is the aftershock and why is it necessary to detect them? Today, the prediction of aftershocks is compelling. They show up after the main quakes and can continue its impact until the next two days. Some of the aftershocks have even devastation level same as the earthquake. An additional factor is geological factors. Both the earthquake and aftershocks appear in the same way.

Most geotechnical engineers and scientists try to find the correct assumption about the earthquake. They consider that they need three determinants to find out quakes:

  1. What time is an earthquake going to be?
  2. What extent will the damage level be?
  3. Where will the quake be?

Furthermore, all works within artificial intelligence are to improve these determinants. Researches also want to benefit from artificial intelligence in detecting of aftershocks. In other words, where they will be able to occur.


AIl benefits in earthquake detection



New methods in artificial intelligence technology intend to create alternative quake detections. For instance, the determination of aftershock areas without former presumptions is one of these new methods. Firstly, scientists tested to detect thousands of earthquake and aftershock groups. They compared each result and tried to find aftershock zones. Related to these data experts made new algorithms and added it to artificial intelligence technologies. As a result, the process presented that general aftershocks are virtually readable. These technologies could change the work form – experts hadn’t already needed the putting earthquake statistics and evaluation of all data.


The global aim of artificial intelligence in earthquake detection technology is to assist researcher groups in finding out the aftershock areas precisely in advance. If the project will be successful, it means that humanity will be able to prevent many dangers related to the quake. ┬áThe technology also helps to spend less time to identify the aftershock. Whilom, earthquake experts hardly could detect the location of aftershocks. Earthquake detection with artificial intelligence – it was a new approach and research. The investigation was presented in the International Nature Science journal. And the readers commented about the article that it is a unique knowledge of aftershock patterns and it will also overcome main earthquakes. Improvement in aftershock detecting can inform publicity beforehand, and keep from the maze.

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