Every single day, an earthquake occurs in many places. The USGS has suggested that 500000 perceptible tremors happen in a globe every year. Many of them stay undiscovered since they strike unexpected places or have fewer magnitudes. Regardless of that fact, it does not mean there will never be an earthquake near me. One thing people are hundred percent aware is that an earthquake is highly likely to happen today.  Every day, thousands of earthquakes are occurring. Dozens of people are worried where those tremors are going to happen, how terrifying it is going to be, and people who are inhabitants near the potential danger, are afraid that earthquakes may lead to injuries and losses. Sadly, many are scared of even “Earthquake near me” perception.


Although many tremors are very, tiny yet nobody knows them, massive earthquakes which may lead to necessary devastation are an absolute danger, specifically if a person lives in risky parts of the geographic zone. Earthquakes would be one of the terrifying natural catastrophes on Earth. It does not mean that storms, tsunamis, volcanos, wildfires, and other disasters are not scary. They certainly are. However, these troubles are usually (but not always) anticipated. Unfortunately, it has been almost impossible to predict earthquakes.


You may consider that earthquakes only occur in some individual tectonic waves all over the globe, such as the popular “fire ring.” However, it is not as you think. Tremors may occur everywhere. Even while I am writing this article, it is highly probable that an earthquake near me could happen within a minute. Nonetheless, the shock is more active in some specific scopes according to the report of the United States Geological Survey (USGS).


How Often Do Earthquakes Occur in the US



The Earth is a place which is full of activity and natural disasters such as earthquakes that are frequently occurring somewhere on Earth. Indeed, the National Earthquake Information Center (NEIC) states that nearly between twelve thousand and fourteen thousand tremors occur every year. It shows there is a chance that an earthquake near me could happen at any moment. The case clarifies the data on the recurrence of quakes of different magnitudes, through specific aspects on the impacts of earthquakes and the substitutive energy issue. Globally, Magnitude 2 and very tinier tremors happen more hundred times per day worldwide. Vital earthquakes, more than magnitude 7, occur more than once each month. “Great earthquakes,” scale 8 and more, happen approximately once, each year.

Without a doubt, you may hear that in the early 1800’s when significant earthquakes happened their magnitudes are demonstrated as “estimated.” Because those tremor accidents happened before the invention of the Richter scale, the quake accounts study that is related with the devastation showed in the intensity scale of Mercalli made the estimation, that, you may remember, it provides a categorization of a magnitude of quakes even for a random person (not only seismologist). The characterizations could derive from even typical residents’ agreement which contains stating specific aspects about the devastation that the earthquake had caused.


Which State Has The Most Earthquakes Every Year?



It is not a secret that several places of the Eastern and Midwestern of United States are much more sensitive to tremors. The Central Mississippi River Valley, South Carolina, The St. Lawrence River Area, Charleston, and Eastern Massachusetts are the major liable earthquake areas in the US. Other areas of this country’s section are also sensitive to quakes. However, people may expect fewer tremors with a tinier magnitude as you see in the below-mentioned map which describes earthquakes risk of devastation for the United States, continentally.


According to researchers, the earthquakes occur in Alaska and California more in the US. United States Geological Survey (USGS) notes that California is a place in which there are most catastrophic tremors in the US. Many of us may be surprised to know that California is the capital of earthquake in the US. Recently, real crucial earthquakes have happened in the United States, along with near San Francisco Loma Prieta tremor in 1989 that lead sixty-three people to death. The shaking is also popular to be live on public TV.

It is no secret that the shaking near the Northridge in Los Angeles had killed sixty people and lead to vital injuries in 1995. However, these quakes were tinier comparing to “the big one,” that scientists state the golden state is due. ”The quake drought” in Southern California has been even more profound. While a significant earthquake near me unavoidably happens, it can damage thousands and lead more people to be homeless. Alaska is specifically quake-prone, although since numerous of them arrive with a few people, these tremors are inclined to have less attention.


The Ten States of Earthquakes

Experts have listed the ten states of tectonic hot spots. Those are:

  • Alaska
  • California
  • Nevada
  • Hawaii
  • Washington
  • Wyoming
  • Idaho
  • Montana
  • Utah
  • Oregon

Although the state in which you are living is not on the list, it does not mean that you are safe, you are staying in a stable place, and there is not going to be an earthquake near me. Majority of the significant quakes in the U.S. past occurred in the tectonic zone of New Madrid in 1811 and 1812. That scope where contains Southeastern Missouri, Western Kentucky, Southern Illinois, and  Tennessee and Northeastern Arkansas can face a severe tremor, too. There are some cities which are also at hazards such as St. Louis and Memphis.

Besides, quakes occur on the East Coast that people may experience them far away. Not only new buildings might be at risk, but also the ancient buildings are much more defenseless to quake injury. Take an example of a tremor in Virginia which happened eight years ago and caused damages on architectures of Washington DC where the people were thinking like “no earthquake near me.” There are also other earthquakes which have occurred in Maine, North Carolina, and  Delaware, although they were utterly tiny.


The Latest Earthquakes in The US



For an extremely long period in time, some places such as Los Angeles, San Diego have been considered as a place where have real fewer risks for quakes. We can witness that there has been just one who died as a result of an earthquake. That tremor happened in 1986 with 5.4 magnitudes and led twenty-eight citizens to injured. This might be another explanation of why people think to compare to other areas in the States, like Los Angeles and  San Francisco where are located more tectonic waves.


Latest Earthquakes in California and Nevada

Los Angeles Special Map


According to the Today Earthquake Track, the Most Recent Earthquake is happening in Cohoe, Alaska, the United States with 1.5 magnitudes, 35 km depts.



The United States has just had :

In the past 24 hours:      Fifty Earthquakes

In the past seven days:  Three Hundred Seventy-Nine Earthquakes

In the past one months: One Thousand Eighty-Nine Earthquakes

In the past one year:      Sixty Six Thousand Five Hundred Twenty Six earthquakes


Taking everything into account, I believe there is a high probability of occurrence of an earthquake near me. So do you. If you would like to know further information about the latest earthquakes and others, do not hesitate to check out our website.

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