As a business owner, you may have many challenges that you should address, including employees and cash flow. At the same time, you should consider insulating your business from both internal and external risks. Most of the business runners protect their transaction against these risks with the help of insurances such as omission insurance or business property coverage insurance. But you should take into account another kind of risks that business runners usually underestimate. These risks include Oregon earthquake that is typically a source of hazardous damage. Every year hundreds of businesses lose millions of dollars due to the harm that earthquakes cause. Even a result of destructive earthquakes, some of the unprepared companies bankrupt. They face bankruptcy because they become financially unable to cover the loss that earthquake causes. There exist several methods for business owners to consider while protecting their businesses.


Early warning app

Oregon earthquake


According to USGS, each year, approximately 20.000 earthquakes happen affecting 42 states. More than 80% of businesses do not have any insurance against shocks and also do not use early earthquake warning app.  Oregon is one of the places that are vulnerable to hazardous shocks. During the last years, scientists have measured a dramatic increase in the number of Oregon earthquakes. Not all insurance policies protect against earthquake damages to buildings and equipment. Therefore, business owners need to consider more advanced solutions against earthquakes destructions.  One of the most developed ways to deal with the damages of the earthquake is to use earthquake early warning apps.

These apps use collected data from earthquakes waves to detect the forthcoming earthquake. As a result, it helps to take action before damage and saves the business from human life loss. Especially for businesses, it is essential to have an early warning system to minimize the potential costs it may cause.


SkyAlert App

One of the developed applications is SkyAlert app, which will be ready soon for Oregon. The app helps businesses a lot to prepare for the earthquakes and reduce the damage of Oregon Earthquake. Early warning time may vary from seconds to several minutes. It depends on the distance between your business location and the epicenter of the earthquake. Even seconds before the Oregon earthquake can help you to take action and save the life of your employees. According to the time, before the earthquake happens, the app may ask you to get under the table and hide. It also helps your employees to get psychologically prepared before the quake.  On the other hand, the app has additional assistance to large production companies. For example, with the help of early warning app trains slow down their speed to prevent train accidents during an earthquake.

App warns system about shutting down all the equipment to minimize the loss during an earthquake. In business, the app may trigger the fire alarm system, shut down of factory lines, and close production process. It assists in reduces economic and human life loss. Additionally, the app not only ensures security before the earthquake strikes but also after earthquake emergencies.


Advantages of Early Warning System

Oregon earthquake

Every second before the disaster is crucial to saving the life of your employees. People usually get the purpose of those apps incorrectly. These apps are not supposed to take you out from the building. They aim to warn you seconds before the earthquake so that you can find a safe place to hide. The apps are a great tool to prepare you against any shock that may prevent you from acting wisely. It suggests you more time to “drop, cover, and hold on.” Secondly, it helps you to organize your employees more strategically. Predefined plans help employees to avoid physical damage and injuries. And as a business runner, it is your responsibility to work with safety specialists, technicians, and workplace designers to organize the plan of workplace buildings.

The readiness plan contains the actions that people should take before, during, and after the earthquake strike.  Also Oregon earthquake early warning app provides users with recommended actions before the earthquake occurs. The effects depend on the estimated magnitude of the quake.

Earthquake warning can help your company to reduce the economic loss that earthquake strike causes. The system is going to be one of the most favorite methods for business owners. Warning app can shut down all the working equipment and ensure safety. It does not depend whether you have an office building, retail store, or warehouse, earthquake is a dangerous threat for your business. Without precautionary actions, the shock is a danger for them. Early earthquake system gives early warning about the next quake and helps you to design the management plan for your business.

You cannot prevent an earthquake from happening, yet you can minimize its impacts with the help of an early warning system. As mentioned above, precautionary actions are crucial to decrease the adverse effects of the earthquake. And early warning systems are an essential part of the preventive measures.


What features will early warning system provide?

The Early warning app will be available for both individuals and business owners in Oregon. The app will demonstrate the current quakes with a specific area, earthquake magnitude, and provides detailed information through the map. The map indicates mainly two colors. Red earthquakes will be dangerous and destructive quakes, yet green ones will be tinier ones. App also will allow you to share the earthquake information with your contacts and friends with the help of social media platforms. The app will give detailed information from different 18 sources and provide a warning when an earthquake happens with the magnitude of 4.0 and above. App also allows its users to manage the notification settings. In other words, the user will be able to manage app notifications by magnitude, area, and obtain time. App also provides data about past earthquakes and their significance.

Additionally, the early warning app will provide information about what the user should do and should not do before and during the earthquake. Users also will be able to share data with their beloved ones about their safety. App users also can create a circle containing several individuals. Later circle members will be able to share their current location, arrival time.


How early warning system works?

Oregon earthquake

The main aim of an Oregon earthquake warning system is to predict the forthcoming quakes, their estimated magnitude, and warn users about the next earthquake. The process starts with the receiving P- waves or S-waves from the epicenter of the quake. P-waves are usually do not cause destructive tremors. But S-waves brings firm ground shaking. In the case of S-waves, the app notifies users about the next earthquake and remind them to find a safe place to hide. Warning time can differ from a few seconds to several minutes. It depends on how epicenter far away from the destination. Several seconds warning time is efficient to stop the trains, notify car drivers to stay away from bridges and tunnels, to shut down industrial equipment.

Taking these actions before the earthquake occurs can help to minimize both human and economic loss. It is also important to use early warning app to prevent the after earthquake events.

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