What is fundamentally an earthquake? It is nothing but moving of the Earth surface so that the Earth’s lithosphere starts to release energy suddenly as a result. The shaking of the Earth surface springs seismic waves. There are different ranges of earthquake sizes. Some of them can be so weak that people even do not feel it. However, there can be some earthquakes that can destroy the buildings and toss the people. Communication, accelerometers, computers, seismometers, and alarms get built into such a system called an earthquake warning system. Earthquake early warning is a critical need for many businesses. The Earthquake early warning will help to save many people and protect buildings.

The SkyAlert is a dominant provider of an earthquake warning system which does not tell you beforehand the earthquake will happen. However, by the solution of this company, you can forestall or diminish economic and human loss.


What is this warning?



There are some kinds of an earthquake called “The Big One,” maybe you have already heard it. People usually know about these “big earthquakes” because publicly they are always announced. But what does that “big” mean? Well, an earthquake that has a magnitude of 8.0 or maybe higher is known as a big earthquake and usually occurs in those areas that have not shown its operating condition for a long time.

Unfortunately, these earthquakes happen in the places where the density of the population is the most like California. Big earthquakes spring the destruction of the basic structure such as communication routes, electricity, gas, water and so on in the areas that near to megalopolis. The rising probability of damage and significant intensities generating are the bad news. Good news is that there are systems called Earthquake early warning, also known as Quakes Alerts that might warn you about the earthquakes and the quake strikes before they happen. These devices and apps are both for the public and companies respectively.

Result of not getting a warning

All of us are aware of earthquakes happened in the San Andreas Fault. They have been quite awful and catastrophic since this history produced a lot of terrible deaths and billions of losses. Here is the history of some essential earthquakes:

  •    The earthquake of magnitude 7.7 happened in 1608.
  •    The one of size 7.9 occurred in 1857.
  •    The earthquake called The Great San Francisco Earthquake with magnitude 7.8M took place in 1906.
  •    The quake of magnitude 6.9 happened in Loma Prieta, SF in 1989.
  •    The earthquake of magnitude 6.7 occurred in Northridge in 1994.

When these earthquakes happened suddenly, no one had known about them before. It was the main reason why the considerable human casualty and loses became at that time. Now we have to be happy that if an earthquake happens again like the others above, with the help of Earthquake early warning, we can move quickly to prevent some things immediately for saving.

The first seismic instrument

The first seismic instrument got invented in 132 AD in China. That device is known as “Houfeng Didong Yi.” It was nothing but seismograph. This device was a notable improvement for Earthquake early warning. The first earthquake warning system was quite simple. The machine itself is in bronze cylindrical form. You can see eight dragon statues which are swinging about down on it.

Each dragon which is looking at the opposite directions keeps copper balls in their mouths. You can observe eights toads around the cylindrical urn.   Those toads are put around the container for this purpose – for showing the ways of the earthquake. One of the dragons drops a bronze ball, and that ball falls into the mouth of the toad. That means the seismic wave will be in that direction. If there are eight toads, that is to say; there are eight ways that earthquake can occur. So this device could indicate the course of the earthquake.

Other instruments

Time passed and technology advanced. Revolution also showed itself in seismic instruments. One of them is a rudimentary seismometer developed by Luigi Palmieri in 1855. It contains various tubes of U-shaped glass. They are full of mercury in them and useful in the occurrence of the earthquake. However, this device could not be successful and got slowly replaced with the first contemporary seismograph.

This seismograph is the work of John Milne and Thomas Gray. Generally, elastic strain energy stored starts releasing, and while sliding rapidly, this process causes an earthquake along with a rock formation. At some place, the sliding begins and grows away stronger in each direction from the hypocenter along the surface of a fault. Modern seismographs assist us in quantifying that released energy.

Those devices are quite small unlike drum or a marker. A relative movement generates digitized and recorded electrical voltage by computers between a base and a weight. Accelerometers, seismometers, GPS, transmission antennas, and solar panels can be the examples to the one combined unit called Modern seismic station.


About Seismographs


They are the instruments which have high sensitivity and extend the land movement speed approximately hundreds of times. The reason is that earthquakes might be quite small or large. In addition to them, seismographs are for recording and detecting quakes. They are also called seismometer. Seismometer encloses a cluster which gets attached to a significant fixed base.

The mass does not move, but the foundation does when an earthquake occurs. An electrical voltage is a consequence of the movement of foundation according to the basis. Seismograph records the electrical energy on magnetic tape, paper, or other recording mediums. The seismograph uses different other devices, for example, accelerographs when it gets saturated. This process is the result of happening of an earthquake too close to the seismograph.

The difference between seismographs and accelerographs is that accelerographs have to record the central acceleration of the expressed terrain no matter what the magnitude of the earthquake is. It is the characteristic of the accelerographs as the earth’s gravity fraction. At a specific site, accelerographs record the produced movement intensity by the tremor.


About SkyAlert



The company SkyAlert got established in 2011 with the responsible mission which is providing a high-tech solution for those who want to prevent and diminish economic and human losses when an earthquake might happen. At present, 1.2 million monthly occupants and 400 businesses make use of the services of this company.

United States Geological Survey is in the official partnership with the company SkyAlert. As we said above, you have to get the best earthquake warning system for the good of you and your loved ones. After buying it, you will be able to move quickly before the minutes that earthquakes demonstrate its evil face. What you can do might be:

  • Quakes start striking – you will know this
  • You will be able to dropping, covering and holding on
  • Run to close the keys of gas
  • Stop production processes which seem to be delicate
  • Open emergency outs immediately
  • Switch on emergency lights and electricity generators
  • Warn your family and friends about the earthquake risk

You will do all these warnings with the aid of Earthquake early warning. Therefore, do not take this system for granted. For more info, contact the company SkyAlert today.

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