Earthquakes are hazardous for both human lives and the economy of the country. The seismic places like West Coast area are unpredictable due to the sudden quakes. One of the drawbacks is that it is almost impossible to predict the intensity of the earthquakes. So due to this matter, many people die each year because of the quakes. They have already experienced plenty of bad things caused by seismic movements. Even the death toll in these cases has increased up to 10,000 people. All of these made an emergent situation to create something that will help people to know everything beforehand. These are the causes that required to make a system for an earthquake warning in West Coast.  The warning system was invented by a group of scientists for the states of Washington and Oregon. After the invention of this system, the earthquake warnings in West Coast has significantly increased.  


The system works with the help of data. After detection, it immediately sends an alarm. By this way, it is possible to prevent devastating cases beforehand. This high-tech early warning system is quite successful.  


The significance of the Early Warning System



This technological solution became popular. It is aimed to prevent the losses that will be caused by the earthquake.

The technology of the SkyAlert is the award-winning high-tech. With the help of this system, businesses, as well as organizations, could get signals about any possible earthquake. So they can take precautions.

Some people think that it is not enough to know the seconds of the earthquake beforehand. It is because the process is complicated and it takes some time. But that is not correct. In real with the help of these seconds, people may do a lot of things to prevent themselves from dangerous situations.

Many regulations may be taken in this way such as people can take some protection measures at their homes. In every case, it is always good to predict these kinds of issues. Therefore the earthquake warning in West Coast is helpful for the whole area. This system is expensive to conduct because it is an early warning system and needed to be paid a lot of money for maintaining and running the service. But the West Coast’s new earthquake warning system works excellent and considered a fantastic protection system.


How does it work?


earthquake warning west coast

The system is operating within some period which helps to warn about the earthquake signals. The warning time in the system depends on the location. It is because of the epicenter of the earthquake that is going to be compared. Many people will be aware of the environmental issue at once with the help of the system that warns the earthquake in West Coast area. There will be warning news about this issue on TVs and Radios. This process will ensure the security of people as well as the whole country. For receiving the positive result, the warnings will be shown on the majority of channels for the safeness.

There are some other aspects of this new early warning system. It contains three parts that assist to warn the signals. They are the core assistance for the earthquake warning in West Coast. The platforms  of the new early warning system are the following:

They all connected one another. The cloud platform is called Critical Warning Platform in another name. It is one of the critical places that receives data that helps to analyze the earthquake. The earthquake information comes from the USGS. It uses both the help of the receiver as well as a mobile app. It is for calculating the shaking. Besides, it assists the scientist to calculate the time before the emergency. If there will be shaking then audio warning operates. It is used to show the intensity of local shaking. People take advantage of the alerts about earthquake warning in West Coast. That is why even it is a few seconds, and it helps at least to find a table for getting under it. 

The system is working with automated alerts. It has caused a significant change, because of converting the mode of the pilot to the open for business. Consequently, the new system prevents the possible dangerous things and gives data about earthquake warning in West Coast.


Steps of award-winning technology


earthquake warning west coast

There are three steps in the new system for early warning of an earthquake. These steps are consistent, and they should be fulfilled in the correct order. The steps are the following:

  • Detection
  • Data Processing
  • Calculation of data and delivery


The warning system which is built for the West Coast detects the intensity of shaking as a data of the earthquake that is going to happen. So this detection is considered the first step. It finds out whether the earthquake risk will be or not. The SkyAlert has created this chance with the help of this new technology, and it helps to reduce the expected losses. The network of sensors detects the date. After identifying which is not an easy process, they transmit the data. The first step is completed by analyzing the data.

As a second step, it follows the processing of the data. Data processing implemented with the Communications platform. The SkyAlert activates this process into the action. Further the controlling of data it transmits with the help of the Critical Warning platform.

The third step is the calculation and delivery process. It finally calculates the earthquake shaking with the help of data for the expected dangerous things. As the last step after figuring the data goes to the end user. In the end, an earthquake warning in West Coast is succeeded.


The actions people should take



Most people dont know what to do in emergent situations like any seismic movement. It is true the tectonic shifts are hazardous, and they can collapse everywhere. But it is essential to learn some prevention activities even if it will be seconds before, but in all cases vital for everyone and can save people’s life. The SkyAlert created the chance for knowing the occurring of earthquake seconds. Before the earthquake warning, people should learn some actions as prevention. The required actions are the following:

  The first one is to be mentally strong. If a person panics, then the situation will be much worse. Instead, don’t panic and try to do something as a first action. For example,  drop on your knees as well as on your hands and find something nearby to cover your head and neck. After this, go to your shelter or any safe place like under the table to protect yourself. These events often take place in seismic areas. That is why people should prepare themselves both mentally and physically by taking some precautions. It is good that protection from dangerous natural activities is possible thanks to Skyalert. So earthquake warning in West Coast has successfully protected the lives of humans and the prosperity of the country.



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