It is obvious to all of us that tectonic movements are so dangerous natural activities, and cause too many harms to humans, as well as, impact natural and artificial environment. But there is one interesting question. What if we predict destroying tectonic activities beforehand, even seconds before. By centuries scientists deals with this question created a science branch called seismology and attempt to find a solution. Yes, there is even the earthquake warning in Bay Area. Although it is impossible to predict earthquake hours, days early, but seismologists achieved to determine and warn earthquake seconds before. Yes, of course, it is excellent to know earthquake early in Bay Area of the San Francisco. Earthquake warning in Bay Area is accessible via Skyalert. It was tested during the 4.4 magnitude earthquake in 29th August 2018.


About Bay Area


earthquake warning bay area


Bay Area in San Francisco is so beautiful place to live, the economy is highly developed, educational and entertainment are available, nature is fascinating. This area is home to approximately more than 7 million inhabitants. since the XVI century, first colonials started to live there. There has been only one issue that people worry about. Earthquake, that is a sudden shaking of the ground, and causes great destruction, as movements tectonic plates, and volcanic activities.

This area is highly seismic zone, is situated in the border of two tectonic plates, Pacific and North America tectonic plates. There are seven major fault lines in the Bay Area. Likelihood of the frequent earthquake happens high enough. Since 1836, 14 earthquakes with 6 or more level of magnitude happened in the bay area. The biggest known earthquake was the Great San Francisco Earthquake with 7.8 magnitude and 3000 victims in 1906. Annual earthquake damage in California is on average 3.74 billion US dollar.


How does it work?


earthquake warning bay area


Seismology is science for earthquakes, movement, and activities of elastic waves through the Earth. Seismologists of the United States Geological Survey had researched and achieved to the earthquake early warning system. Today technology can detect and inform earthquakes. When an earthquake happens, P and S waves are spreading out from the epicenter of the earthquake. The epicenter is a source of the earthquake. P waves a felt waves comes first with a high speed, later S waves are coming. S waves are destructive ones. The speed of P waves is 3.5 mi/sec, by contrast, the speed of S waves is 2 mi/sec. So, as it becomes clear, it is possible to feel an earthquake before it is coming, so earthquake early warning system creators take this into account.

They have constructed seismic sensors around the Bay Area, and when Earthquake happens, sensors of the earthquake warning in Bay Area system accepts signals and passes them to people via mobile application and by other means. Fortunately, alert signals are faster than an earthquake, so before earthquake comes, your app will alert in your pocket, or anywhere you put, and it will give you a few additional seconds to protect yourself, and your family. At least one second may be enough to hide under the table. But your time depends on the distance from the epicenter, if you are far away from it, you have more time. Otherwise, you have less time until the earthquake.

What you have to do when the Skyalert alerts?


earthquake warning bay area


The first thing you should do when your earthquake warning in Bay Area alerts, do not panic, drop onto your hands and knees, then you should cover your head and neck, and immediately you must hold on to your shelter. The shelter can be under the table, door, etc., it must be safe, and hard enough to endure destruction. You must prepare yourself if you live in a highly seismic area.



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