San Diego, a city of nearly one and a half million inhabitants located in sunny California and considered by many to be an idyllic place to live in. When considering where to live people often look at the pros and cons, one aspect being safety and in particular seismic risks related to the places you are moving to. This article will debunk the myth, look at facts and the precautions for the San Diego earthquake risk.




For a long time, San Diego has been known as a county which contains very low risks for earthquakes. If we have looked back at history, only one person has died from a quake.  It hit the county in 1986 with a magnitude of 5.4 and 28 people have been injured. This is probably another reason why there is such a belief in comparison to other places in California, such as San Francisco and Los Angeles which are much more seismic. Moreover, since San Diego itself is not on the plate boundary, it is widely considered a much safer place. But is San Diego earthquake risk-free?


Recently seismologists have been doing researches and now argue that San Diego has become a higher earthquake risk perimeter. The Rose Canyon fault could lead to a very destructive seismological activity which may potentially kill thousands of people. Also more than ten years ago a new fault has been discovered under the Central Embarcadero, and for a while, this has been kept away from the general public to avoid alarming the locals. In 2017 this fault was rediscovered, and more recently we can see emerging more and more publications related to this danger.



Earthquake Risk in San Diego


San Diego is the second county with the largest population in California. It is essential to be aware of the risks of an earthquake and understand what to do in case of an emergency. Besides life threats, there is also a financial side of an earthquake. Not so many people in San Diego possess home insurance coverage and in the event of property damage and loss, it will be hard to recover as the impact of an earthquake can wipe out the entire structure of a city. Due to misleading assumptions, earthquake safety has not been taken into consideration by architects locally when most of the buildings were being constructed over the years. While you are buying a new apartment, we encourage you to look closely at issue.


Businesses also need to take greater care of their current safety plans, alarm systems and implement geological testing. Finally, the government also needs to take actions and responsibilities in ensuring seismic activities are looked at more carefully. One efficient solution to tackle San Diego earthquake risk issue is to push for legislation which makes earthquake-resistant foundations obligatory. You can leave your safety in the hands of the government and its bureaucracy but, if like us you prefer to act rather than react, we advise you to look up at SkyAlert. SkyAlert is an early warning earthquake system that can be installed on your mobile and inform you of any seismic activity as well as the time they have to prepare.


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