The most efficient earthquake early warning system for businesses

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Earthquakes are powerful and destructive.

More than 80% of people in the US state that preparation for earthquake related emergencies are essential to minimize damage. However, only a small percentage have designed an emergency preparedness plan. What about you?

Earthquakes are inevitable and are considered to be one of the most dangerous natural disasters because they cause massive damage. Irrespective of the size of the business, it is critical to have an earthquake emergency preparedness plan in order to minimize damage to property and economic losses.

SkyAlert assists organizations in defining earthquake preparedness plans to mitigate the damage from an earthquake. We provide cutting-edge IoT technology coupled with training. This technology consists of an earthquake early warning system which alerts people to an oncoming earthquake, to its localized intensity and the estimated time before shaking commences.

The estimated duration before shaking commences can vary from a few seconds to a couple of minutes depending on the distance from your location to the earthquake epicenter. This early warning alert helps in the following ways:

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Every second before disaster strikes has a lot of value to avoid threats to life and reduce economic losses. “Drop, cover and hold on” is a standard earthquake response that is recommended by safety specialists. Via the early warning system, you can avoid threats to life and injury among your employees in your workplace.

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Earthquakes can strike within seconds. Precautionary action plans in the workplace play a crucial role in avoiding physical damage, injuries and other economic losses. As a business owner or manager, you are responsible for designing a preparedness plan with the help of safety professionals and technicians who build and design workplace buildings. An earthquake preparedness plan contains actions that employees should take before, during and after an earthquake occurs. Earthquake early warning alerts help in appropriate actions to take based on the estimated level of shaking intensity expected from an earthquake.


An earthquake early warning alert can be used to minimize economic damage to manufacturing businesses by shutting down assembly lines. You can instruct employees to evacuate a facility before shaking commences from an earthquake.


Rapid alerts that signal incoming earthquake ground shaking can reduce deaths, injuries and property losses. Even a few seconds of early warning is enough time to take protective and preventive measures.

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An earthquake has massive destructive power which is a high risk for the operational capacity of your business. Whether it is an office building, plant, factory lines, retail stores, warehouse or other sorts of facilities, without precautionary events, they all are under risk, and it could be a massive amount of costs for your business. Earthquakes early warning gives predictive knowledge about the shaking power of the natural disaster to design your emergency management plan for the business.


We cannot avoid facing natural disasters, but we can prepare for it. Via using early warning systems, you could prevent your business from the potential economic loss of the disaster. As the saying goes, it is not hard to see actions, and the most challenging part is foreseeing. Thanks to the advanced technology today, early warning systems are considered the core component of preparedness to natural disasters, especially earthquakes. To rescue your business from the destructive damage of earthquakes, it would be a wise decision to apply early warning systems.


Now let’s talk about how an Earthquake Early Warning can help your business.

Unlike other types of natural disasters such as hurricanes or floods, the earthquakes could not be accurately forecasted. However, fortunately, Earthquake Early Warning systems allow making an available warning before the first shaking is sensed. Earthquake Early Warning systems alarms in advance from a few seconds to several minutes. This time interval depends on the distance between the warned place and the epicenter of the earthquakes.

By considering such short time lapse, you may ask what can we do within a few seconds (maximum a couple of minutes). For individuals, the concept of earthquake early warning system is giving you time to get under a table before the quake. (Drop, cover, hold on). It helps people to psychologically be prepared to shaking and patiently holding back for the earthquake pass.

But in terms of businesses, and large production companies, earthquake early warning system has a significant contribution. These few seconds are enough for automated response systems to be triggered. For example, transport services such as trains utilize early warning system to slow down their speeds which is able to prevent potential massive train accidents. The same can be said about the aircraft business.

Earthquake early warning systems have much more advantages in industrial experience. Just before a few seconds, the systems allow an automated response to function such as shutting down of factory lines, closing production processes, or functioning fire alarms. Especially, in terms of safety of nuclear sites, it is utmost important. On the other hand, required emergency preparedness reduces the economic and life loss not only before earthquake but also in the post-emergency situation. For example, appropriate-applied precautionary events reduce fires after destructions of the quake.

With the help of earthquake early warning systems, chemical manufacturing could design predetermined risk scenarios including automated response such as stopping production process, isolation of the dangerous chemical systems.

Saving lives is the principal function of Earthquake early warning systems. The challenging part is how to get a reliable EEW system for main sites before the occurrence of the next earthquake.

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About SkyAlert

SkyAlert is the company which provides resilience in the occurrence of an earthquake. With cutting-edge technologies and solutions, we assist businesses or organizations in reducing the loss of damage such as injuries, infrastructure destruction and fatalities seen after the earthquake. As a company, our mission is to develop a technological solution with the purpose of preventing and decreasing human damage and economic losses.

Although SkyAlert was founded in 2011, currently we serve more than 400 companies and 1.2 million monthly customers.

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We have designed and developed an earthquake early warning system which allows the users to be aware of what level of shaking power to expect and how much time is required to get prepared.

SkyAlert has operations in the United States and works to protect businesses in Oregon, Washington, and California. SkyAlert USA is an official partner of the United States Geological Survey and cooperates closely to give Earthquake Early Warnings.

We have a deep partnership relationship with USGS, CalTech, University of Oregon, UC Berkeley and the University of Washington.

As a business owner or manager, you can rely on our award-winning technology to get advance early warning before the Earthquake. With the help of our technological solutions, you can save your business from any potential damage and minimize your loss caused by the earthquake.

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