If you want to protect yourself, your friends and family or employees from unexpected earthquakes, significantly reduce the cost of damages to your property or your business, you have come to the right place! Skyalert offers you its services so you can prepare your family for the earthquake, take your dog, your essential belongings and move to a safe place. If you are a businessman who has hundreds of employees working for you, early warning earthquake app will give you a chance to minimize the likelihood of casualties and damages. In the end, you might be the one who is responsible for the well-being of your workers. Employers and businesspeople who choose Skyalert are the ones who make wise decisions by taking all the safety precautions and ensuring the well-being of other people.

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Timing is what matters the most when it comes to earthquakes. You might be sleeping or casually sitting behind the table in your living room, watching your favorite show on TV and eating your meal. Earthquakes are usually very hard to predict in advance. By the time you feel the shaking under your feet, it might be too late to prepare for it which can cause panic. All the vibration, the noise, and shaking can frighten most people. It is super challenging to make wise decisions at that point. What should you do? Where should you go? How much time you have? Should you take important stuff or just run for your life? All these unanswered questions can pop up in your head causing panic and confusion. Panic is not something you will need when an earthquake occurs.

When you become Skyalert’s user, you get to know about the earthquake in advance. The earthquake app will notify you right after we acquire information regarding the intensity and the time of the earthquake. Our computers calculate all this information and send it to you once there is a threat. Therefore, you will know the exact time and intensity in the Mercalli Intensity Scale and act accordingly. The earthquake app will be available soon.

SkyAlert is working closely together with the United States Geological Survey (USGS) to determine earthquakes and give Early Earthquake Warnings to businesses and organizations in Washington, Oregon, and California. We are also partners of The University of Washington, UC Berkeley, University of Oregon and California Institute of Technology.


Rapid alerts that signal incoming earthquake ground shaking can reduce deaths, injuries and property losses. Even a few seconds of warning is enough time to take protective and preventative measures.

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What is an earthquake and how it occurs?

The surface of the earth is not a solid ball all the way through; it is more like a jigsaw puzzle made of about 20 parts that continuously move. We usually do not feel it, because they move quite slowly. Each of these puzzle pieces is called tectonic plates. The edges of these plates aren’t smooth. These plates’ edges are made of thick rocks, and it’s these plates that make up the Earth’s crust which is always moving.

You usually can not feel or see them moving, because they are moving very slowly. Most plates move only from two to three centimeters a year. How exactly these tectonic plates cause earthquakes? If you look at a puzzle, you will see that there are gaps between the pieces where they touch. There are lines where plates touch too. Those lines are called faults. Some of them are very thin and too small to be seen while others are so deep in Earth’s crust that it is possible to see them on Earth’s surface. One of the biggest faults on Earth is called San Andreas fault and is in California, right where SkyAlert is operating. Its length is over 1000 kilometers which can sometimes cause earthquakes. Therefore, it is essential to always keep it under our radar and make sure to inform the people of California.

As the tectonic plates of Earth move past each other at fault, their edges sometimes bump into one another. When this happens, the ground above the plates and anything on the field starts to shake. Sometimes, they don’t just bump into each other but also get stuck. Have you ever tried to open a bottle of champagne? You put the opener in a champagne cork and start to twist and pull. A lot of pressure builds up as you keep pulling and suddenly the cork comes out of the bottle. You should be careful because you can get hurt once this happens. Well, sometimes different plates cannot move past each other, so they get stuck.

However, they keep trying to maneuver by pushing each other, just like you pull the cork of a champagne bottle. When things push each other, the strength of all that pushing causes what we call pressure. If the thing that is being driven does not move, the force has nowhere to go, so it keeps building up. It builds until it gets strong enough to break the rocks and abruptly move. The sudden movement causes the ground and everything on it to shake. The intensity of the ground’s vibration and shake largely depends on the pressure built up between the tectonic plates — the more massive the load, the greater the earthquake.

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How do we predict it?

Like we said earlier tectonic plates move gradually and continuously over time. However, the actual boundaries between the tectonic plates are locked most of the time. As a result, stress builds upon these plate boundaries and then are released. The tension is released suddenly in motion along the plate boundary or movement along a series of fault.

The earthquakes killed more than five hundred thousand people in the last decade alone. Earthquakes usually happen by surprise to most people. They are often not prepared for them. This is challenging for earthquake scientists because we do generally know where large earthquakes are usually going to occur around the globe but we are not able to provide earthquake predictions like weather predictions that some people might hope for. But we can recognize some areas that are prone to earthquakes, and indeed, we encourage ourselves to work closely with our partners to prepare for those events.

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SkyAlert’s data primarily come from GPS satellites. Those are twenty thousand kilometers above us right now. They circle the earth and beam down the signals which we can use to measure the deformation of the earth’s crust very precisely. With satellites’ data in hand, SkyAlert builds large computer models of how the Earth’s surface moves and deforms. Once we have these, we can kind of turn the crank on the computer and see what it predicts in terms of present-day and future behavior of faults. When the computers tell us it has predicted a powerful earthquake, we try to gather more information as soon as possible because once the distress signal has come, the clock starts to work against us and the others.

We calculate the intensity of the earthquake and predict when it will start. We send our users a signal to their phone, so they know about it right away. When there is a piece of substantial information about the predicted occurrence of the earthquake, people are informed by the news. The thing is, you might be sleeping at that time. Nobody keeps their TV on watching the news so that the earthquake can catch you off guard. Luckily, SkyAlert can send a direct signal to your phone, so you can prepare, keep yourself and the others around you safe and sound.


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