Earthquakes were one of the most destructive natural disasters throughout human history. Throughout the years, humanity has been experienced natural disasters that destroyed their homes, lands and lovely places. Those might be storms, hurricanes or floods and so on. Several terms that imply the absence of these events such as earthquake drought. What is earthquake drought, then? Well, it reminisces that there is an absence of natural activity such as the earthquake and in this case, the possibility of an earthquake strike is inevitable. So there is no doubt that it has been many years that California region has not seen an earthquake and it is called earthquake drought in California.


We need to be prepared and understand how this disaster might happen again and how it might affect our lives roughly. Some people argue that the absence of this natural disaster might damage more if it comes back after many years. The destructive results might happen, and every single people in the region should have been informed and be aware of possible destructions.


Drought will end


For the last time, California experienced a recent earthquake approximately five years ago with the magnitude of 6 in the Napa region. The last big quake struck in 2010 on the south side of California. It damaged the southern areas near the border, and it affected the Mexicali side.


Most experts anticipate more destructive earthquake after the years of earthquake absence in the area. However, experts cannot tell us when it is going to occur again. One of the U.S. Geological Survey seismologist, Elizabeth Cochran, mentioned that rates of this natural event are very flexible and it is true that California has not experienced so many earthquakes for years and people do not expect a big destructive earthquake shortly as well. In this case, she believes that huge alterations in the rates of an earthquake in California.




And no doubt that many scientists have a responsibility on earthquake warning people for the possibility of a substantial destructive event. If it is unknown, why do scientist warn people? So they believe that people have already forgotten the devastating event in some areas which happened in the past. And this kind of forgiveness causes the awareness and urgency of feelings of earthquake destruction which might happen near future. That is why they call that earthquake drought because it has been years that there is a decreasing of earthquakes for 100 years and Tom Rockwell, paleoseismologist, argues that it might not be permanent because we might face more destructive earthquake in future.

What do statistics say?

According to the statistics, 11 temblors have happened in California in the last 25 years. As it is mentioned in the text where speaks about southern regions, California’s southern sides have faced three temblors, and there was Sylmar temblor back in 1971 with 6.6 Richter scale magnitude and 6.7 magnitudes in Northridge in 1994.

So some people believe that there are some intervals of earthquakes and that is why there is earthquakes drought for years in California. As it is remembered, when we look at back, the quake, which happened in Loma Prieta with magnitude 6.9 in 1989 cause death of 63 people, is considered as it is ending of the calmness period of the earthquake in this region and when the calm ended it brought such as disaster to the area.

So that is why scientists are worried about new earthquake risk in California because as it is underlined in the article that it has been years that California has not faced any earthquakes shaking. Not only that, when we go back in the 1980s and 1990s, those years there were some earthquake events in the region. In 1987, it happened in Whittier Narrows with 5.9 magnitudes which caused the death of eight people.

In the next two years, there were earthquakes in Pasadena with 4.9 magnitudes and Montebello with 4.4 magnitudes. When we come to 90s, we have Upland (1990) earthquake with 5.2 magnitudes, Sierra Madre (1991) with 5.8 and Northridge earthquake which killed 57 people and injured over 8700 people in 1994 with 6.9 magnitudes.

Be Prepared




It is evident that earthquake drought in California will not continue for a long year. It will end one day. The United States Geological Survey (USGS) explain that they point out that the years between 1919 and 2018 have not experienced such a massive earthquake that could break ground. Every 100 years, this region has experienced at least 3 or 4 earthquakes.

Glenn Biasi, the United States Geological Survey seismologist, claims that there might be a massive earthquake in the next 100 years because it is expected that this calm situation will end. For instance, back 100 years ago, the 1800s, there were more earthquakes in California, especially in the side of Golden State.

It is true that there is always the possibility of a massive earthquake in California, but it has not seen for years. However, people should be more prepared for every single event in this region, especially for the earthquake. One day this quiet stability will end, and you should be prepared for that because as it is mentioned in the article that people almost forget about last destructions.

According to the opinions, there might be some stuck things below the ground, and it is not a good sign of it because if there is some locking up, when it starts to happen it will be a huge one and there might not be one earthquake when it happens because it is like a domino effect.

For instance, when it starts after long years, there might be several earthquakes at the same time in the region. As the article points out, there were some little earthquake storms between the 80s and 90s and seismologist are expecting harder earthquakes storms. So experts underline that people of California should be prepared as physically and mentally for the possibility of upcoming earthquake events after the earthquake drought in the region. They suggest that people should have an earthquake survival kit in their home as well.

Final Thoughts

Earthquakes are one the most destructive natural events in the world, and there is no doubt that nobody wants that happens in their region because statistics and historical events depict that a lot of people throughout the history has been suffering due to natural events. Regardless of what happens today and what happened and what might happen in the future, people should be prepared for earthquakes.

Earthquake drought is not a permanent issue because quake statistics do not lie. One day this drought will end, and if people do not want to get more damage, they should be aware of this possibility and be prepared for their life. It is true that having a drought for years make people not to think about earthquakes in California, and it might not be an excuse for not thinking of it. People should be studied about that every year and they should understand the danger of this event. Being prepared will help people to survive and help more people avoid earthquakes disaster if it happens suddenly.

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