In a place like California after all the natural disasters that they suffered throughout of 20th century, scientists and geologists were worked on creating a system that will make it possible for them to get signals before it’s even happening. The people of California were very anxious after all that happened in the past; that is why they are appreciated new earthquake warning system that is developed by a scientist. Earthquake early warning system in this type of tragic occasions is beneficial even if you informed seconds ago; many people can save their lives by just living the place that they were currently. With the help of new technology, now in case of an earthquake, people would be able to hide in safe places, transit companies would be able to stop trains, and such vehicles and surgeons would have a chance to finish their surgeries to save the patient’s life. This post mainly focuses on the successful results of earthquake early warning system in California, but before getting into that matter let’s briefly explain the term of the early warning system then we can move on to current tests that scientists are attempting and succeeding.


What is earthquake early warning system  




    California is a place where many dangerous natural disasters happened during the 20th century that is why scientist created a system that will enable them to detect earthquakes and warn people. Shaking hazard of the shock assessed in real time and the main focus of this warning system is to tell the danger as fast as possible so that people could avoid it. Warning times in this system varies because of several reasons which mean that it could be 10 seconds or even 5 minutes before the disaster. The size of the earthquake and the locations are important factors while defining the urgency of a shock.

The size is essential because if the earthquake is significant, the effects of it will be even more significant luckily big earthquakes can be detected from even long distances very efficiently. Early earthquake warning will help you to know the exact locations where it will be felt more and the duration of the earthquake as well which is very helpful to avoid its destructive impact.


How are they operating?


   The main idea of having an earthquake early warning system in California and overall is to detect earthquakes before they happened to save people. The level of shaking in the ground may estimate through devices which scientist relies on while they are trying to calculate the scale and intensity of it. How are they working? The usage of p-wave energy is a common way of estimating early earthquakes. It is beneficial because by using that scientist would be able to learn the location as well as the magnitude of the potential future quake.

By using P wave energies, it is also possible to calculate shakings of the ground on a particular area and by knowing that, they inform people about the places where most would be affected of this disaster. The CISN is working on such projects in California, and in their scientific solutions, it became apparent that earthquake early warning system shows the time range in which earthquake would happen from zero seconds to some tens of it. The affecting factors for this time scale are the place of epicenter that belongs to the following an earthquake. Though this time frame may seem very little for you, it is enough for stopping many future disasters.


Why is this system needed?


   In that period, they would inform trains to stop or slow down their speeds; they can make taxing airplanes to end as well; the vehicles can avoid going into bridges or tunnels. People who are working with dangerous chemicals would have a chance to move away from them in order not get any harm because of the ongoing earthquake. Shutting down such industries in time of need and hiding in safe places is the best way to protect yourself from this type of disasters. To reduce the level of damage and loss from the quakes, the best possible way so far is the use of the earthquake early warning system.

Warnings that are made before earthquake time are critical as we can see from examples. In many countries that are popular for their natural disasters are using this type of systems to prevent hazardous damages. Those countries are Taiwan, Japan, and Mexico but currently, in the United States of America, the system is not available. CISN is working on this project while creating a prototype of these machines and trying them.


Prototype system in California operated successfully


    In many last minor and moderate earthquakes that have happened in California in recent years, a new prototype system that is advanced by CISN worked well. For instance, in 2014 an earthquake that has six magnitudes in Richter scale around Napa gave a chance for CISN to use their earthquake warning system and they would be able to inform people 8 seconds before the earthquake happened. In the same year, a scientist could tell people who are living in Pasadena about the earthquake that has magnitudes of 5, around 6 seconds before it is happening. In California, the advanced technology and earthquake warning systems are getting bigger and better by the time their numbers also increasing subsequently.


Nowadays, there are more than 860 sensitive stations about earthquakes which allow them to estimate early warnings for earthquakes. In recent years, the government this issue is becoming very concerning for government, and to improve it by each year, they authorized 15 million dollars from budget to increase the number of highly sensitive sensors for creating earthquake early warning systems in California. However, the network for warning app is not finished still in California because they have some lack of resources and the United States government is expecting them to full being provided by the end of 2021.

The number of seismic stations will be highly increased during that time frame, and it is estimated that there will be around 1120 of them that are available.  To expand this project to other sensitive areas of the country, the government needs additional funds to help scientist to create earthquake warning systems to deliver highly sensitive data regarding earthquakes.


    To generate early earthquake warnings, CISN is working on many projects while trying to maintain real-time information sender from earthquakes. There is still room for improvement, but in recent years California went through a lot which led them to build successful earthquake early warning system that are sensitive stations regarding earthquakes. Communications systems are the key to implementing this system and avoid future disasters. The reason for that is the speed of it which is higher than the rate of the earthquake that travels through signals from rocks. Early warning is a fundamental and effective way of dealing with this type of natural disasters because as we stated before the communication signals faster than earthquake signals which allow scientist to calculate it and inform people. The gap between those two signals estimation is the time frame that people could be informed and secure themselves from these disasters.

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