With the help of advanced technology and a more precise database, a recent successful earthquake tracker emerged: SkyAlert. Indeed, recent technology breakthrough now allows SkyAlert to track the earthquake and send early warnings. By partnering with Microsoft, SkyAlert has developed a warning system which is providing accurate data to its ever-growing number of users. We have a standalone device for companies and an app for individuals. The first ever earthquake tracker was invented back in the 2nd century in the Far East, more precisely in China by Zang Heng.


Looking back


In the Bay Area, there are six more active faults in addition to the famous San Andreas Fault which caused one of the most terrible earthquakes ever in the US. One hundred thirteen years have passed since the most devastating earthquake in the history of the Bay Area. As a result of this quake which was recorded with the magnitude of 7, over 80% of the city has been turned into the ruins, and more than 3,000 people have dramatically lost their lives.

More recently, the last earthquake with destructive magnitude hit the North Bay in 2014. Since then no major earthquake has been recorded. But scientists claim that “earthquake drought” in California will end very soon. Unfortunately, there is still no method which has been developed to understand the exact patterns and provide an accurate forecast on when and how the earthquake will happen a long way in advance.


The science behind the earthquake tracker


earthquake tracker


Although it was pretty basic, historians believe the device enabled the Chinese to assess some basic information relative to the earthquake such as the direction of the origin of the incident. Nowadays the tracking evolved so much that you can even receive the information on your smartphone instantly. Individuals and organizations were receiving real-time reports about the seismological condition and warned of any seismic activity. So how does the system work?

SkyAlert has been partnering with the United States Geological Survey to receive information about the earthquake. The cloud-based software is operated via a wireless computer network and collects data which uses real-time information and saved for future data analysis. With the help of SkyAlert application, millions of lives have already been saved in Mexico when the quake happened in 2017. Following the tragic event, SkyAlert tracker quickly became one of the most downloadable apps in Mexico.

At USGS the seismologists are tracking the activities that they receive through the sensors around the country. With the help of over 1,000 sensors in the West Coast area, the information about earthquakes are recorded and sends signals to SkyAlert database. Then the system calculates the intensity of a quake and shares the information with its clients.


The user interface and feature of the earthquake tracker


earthquake tracker


The starting screen provides information about the weather forecast as well as some general information about seismic alerts. At the bottom, there are tabs dedicated to earthquakes, storms, and volcanoes. As the information which users are receiving is heavily depending on internet connection, the system let the users know if there is any problem occurring with their internet connection or with the device. Real-time reports are about earthquakes and volcanic activities, hurricanes and heavy rain. The alerts are coded by color, and it helps the users to understand the strength of a quake.

If the intensity of an earthquake is from light to moderate the users will see blue, green, yellow and orange colors. In case of high intensity and destroying quakes red and purple colors are used. Besides color coding, the system has different alarm sounds for powerful shakings. SkyAlert can send the information to its users up to two minutes before the actual earthquake take places. Usually, when there is an earthquake, people can feel it only after a few minutes of the actual hit, and when they are feeling it can be unfortunately too late. But with the help of an early warning codes, people and organizations can prepare themselves and take the necessary precautions.


Why you should consider having an earthquake tracker


earthquake tracker


The 1906 San Francisco earthquake lasted only 60 seconds. However, the main factor which caused the most damage was due to fire. Our system provides different solutions and allows companies to pause the production, open the emergency doors and close gas valves. Ideally, soon, our smart home will be connected to the electric generator, and as soon as a high magnitude earthquake is detected, it will switch off. That vital information already provides most of the companies and a growing number of householders to switch off the electricity and heating system to prevent the destroying effect of their assets. This also means you will be able to reach a safe place and wait for the aftermaths.

Amongst many perks of the app, one of the benefits is you will have access to emergency numbers and share your share on social media, so even the people that do not have the app yet can see the information and be altered. Users can link their account to SkyAlert Facebook which will allow sharing the status automatically. Besides, the user can subscribe to more than one city in case he or she would like to receive information. Also with SkyAlert organizations will not only have an alarm system but at the same time, we will provide training and assist in preparing plans of actions when the shake happens.


What is the cost of having access to priceless information?


earthquake tracker


Today in the United States of America SkyAlert is available only in California, Washington, Oregon states. After the success in Mexico SkyAlert is working on launching its application in the USA too. The application is compatible with IOS and Android.  The good news is that the development of technology has made the information widely available for free in USA.

The system is planning to expand to have more geographical coverage. This is great news and means that with more collected data, the system can produce more accurate forecasts and predictions and understand the nature of seismic activities.


What shall you do if you receive an alert on your earthquake tracker


Several precautions are depending on the magnitude and speed of the earthquakes. The app provides the clients with valuable information about the things to take into consideration before the earthquake alarm and actions to take during and after the shake. The general rule during the earthquake is “drop, cover, hold.” We have touched this topic in greater details, and you can read it here.

In short, SkyAlert is a trustworthy earthquake tracker which can provide safety plans, early warnings, and alert system both individuals and businesses.  If you are looking to incorporate our system into your organization, contact us. Stay tuned to obtain more information about the launch of our application in the USA. There are not many earthquake trackers available in the world, and SkyAlert is at the leading edge and proved that with its reliable, user-friendly, responsive the early-warning system which is addressing a massive public safety threat. Partnering with Microsoft and UGSC demonstrates how serious we are taking this matter.


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