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SkyAlert was founded with the mission of providing a technological solution to prevent and reduce human and economic losses when a disaster strikes. SkyAlert  was founded in 2011, and currently protects over 400 businesses and 1.2 million monthly users. 

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The most efficient earthquake early warning system for businesses

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SkyAlert collaborates closely with United States Geological Suvery  to distribute Earthquake Early Warnings in Oregon, Washington and California. With the combination of SkyAlert’s award-winning technology, businesses and organizations can receive advance warning of shaking from an earthquake that has already begun.



Mexican Startup’s Earthquake Warning System Provides a 30-Second Head Start

earthquake app

After massive quakes, millions in Mexico turn to early warning app

earthquake app

Technology developed to give advanced warning of an earthquake, that has already begun, was proven successful during this week’s M4.4…

earthquake app

SkyAlert: Millions of Mexicans turn to earthquake early warning app after deadly quakes kill 460

San Andreas Fault. When Will The Big One Strike?