The Veracruz Earthquake, also known as the Orizaba earthquake, occurred on August 28th, 1973. Its epicenter was located in the vicinity of Serdán in the Mexican state of Puebla and registered a magnitude of 7.3.

The affected area was very large, covering three states: Puebla, Morelos and Veracruz, nevertheless the most affected cities were: Ciudad Serdán, Orizaba, Ixtaczoquitlán, Córdoba, Ciudad Mendoza, Zongolica, Rio Blanco, and Acutzingo where thousands of houses, buildings, and historical churches were destroyed.

The death toll was about 1200 and there were more than 1600 people injured.

The earthquake occurred during the rainy season, in consequence, heavy rain coming down before and after the event made search and rescue difficult.

This event has been one of the most disastrous earthquakes that had hit Veracruz and the second deadliest earthquake ever recorded in Mexico.

Today this fact reminds us that an earthquake strikes suddenly and without any warning but also remind us that prevention and being informed is the best way to face them.

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Imagen from: Gobierno de México

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