Natural disasters have become a widely discussed topic nowadays. Mostly, that is with the ongoing process on the environment and already happened natural disasters, which bother people. For that reason, as human nature is solution-oriented, they search for new ways to lessen the potential damage to immediate accidents. Alongside public debate, technology develops faster than it is expected. Rationally, this leads to using of technological innovations in this field. Earthquakes are one of the forms of natural disasters. There comes a question of how does technology help to detect earthquake? Earthquake alert is the answer to this. It is not spread in the world yet. However, some high-tech giant areas try to take advantage. Furthermore, the alert system figures out the extent to which technology could aid to avoid physical and financial damage during earthquakes. Advanced researches show that earthquake alert plays an essential role while shakings.


Determinants of system


earthquake alert

Also, determinants of seismic activity vary; however, regardless of the distance of seismic shaking, the alert system guides the inhabitants. For those who live in the risky realm are strongly recommended to have necessary background information concerning the whole follow-steps of the process and training in terms of dealing with it during the process. So, human instinct is fine. On the other hand, physically humans are not in full capacity; therefore technical support is vital. Considering the points mentioned above, it is reasonable to say that people should start to learn how to handle earthquake prediction apps.

People need to comprehend how it works so that they can use it in favour. Initially, companies had tried to proceed early stages of them and to some extent succeeded to do so. The general idea is that the alert system works; however, there is a long way to go to achieve a critical outcome. Nevertheless, the inhabitants who live in potential earthquake areas need to know that early warning system provides extensive opportunities for those who stick in the places while the occurrence of natural disaster so that they can escape from those areas without any damage.


How does it work?


early warning system

An early warning system’s design is to warn people to evacuate the building when an earthquake already started. In general, some think that an earthquake signal should strike them before the quake. That is completely wrong. Scientifically, such a possibility doesn’t even exist. Seismologists aren’t somehow able to foretell the future. Well, that is a basic fact. Apart from that, let’s see how it works in the following information. So, in terminology earthquake signs divided into two phases which are hypothetically speaking called P and S signals. P signal is the initial alert when an earthquake happens, and earthquake prediction apps are capable of catching those. S signals are a sign of stronger and main shocks.

Generally, these are the ones that damage the buildings and increase the death toll. So, citizens who live in risk areas such as California often ask that does early warning system hand over the S signals? The answer is definite which entails that actually, the alert system is due to providing this service.

Time scope is the element that determines the degree to which early warning system helps the user. Explanation of this is also available which is going to turn out below. So, the operation of earthquake prediction is transparent. However, the question is how fast can I get notified? Time-frequency varies and depend on where you live, which means that the nearer to the epicentre, the earlier you get a notification. For instance, if an earthquake occurs in California, and you live in San Francisco, then you are likely to get notified within seconds. As a different example, if you are in Portland or Seattle, this means conveying information to you will take time. That is the first explanation of the earthquake prediction apps’ work mechanism. People often confuse these dynamics and companies need to set it clear.


Life-saving elements


earthquake alert

The debatable issue is that does it help to survive? If you search on the web, you will find such conversations. Earthquake prediction apps don’t take out you from the buildings. Instead, it makes you mentally ready in case shock is sharp and you don’t feel prepared to take a position. Once you get the signal, you are prepared to find a place where you can hide. In other words, it is inevitable to use for your physical safety.

On the other hand, the electricity issue is also concerning when it comes to protecting yourself from possible damage. A high possibility is that electricity cables could get impaired and you are likely to get an electric shock. In such cases chances to live decrease and that is the reason you need an earthquake alert to defend yourself. If earthquake alert works, then it will provide the first signal to warn you and person shuts down electricity in this case. Furthermore, apart from physical damage, the possibility of your electrical belonging to diminish decreases. At the same time, you save your life and financial burden.

Sometimes the matter of question is whether earthquake alert can tell exactly from which point shaking comes or not. It applies to all correspondent companies as SkyAlert tries to establish its new app, which means this matter is also on the agenda for them. Moreover, although the initial points of an earthquake are vital, the crucial point is also an extension of it. So, while talking about the success of earthquake signal the organization of the mechanism composes the considerable part of it.


Occurrence of earthquake


earthquake alert

A bunch of information is available on the web from the most scientific to a simple explanation. However, sometimes people don’t get the very idea of an earthquake and its occurrence. To do so, there needs to create a hypothetical situation so that the image of earthquakes appears in front of the eyes of people. For that reason, corresponding public entities organize training for awareness purposes. However, that doesn’t precisely address the issue. So, let’s imagine an earthquake and illustrate the happening.  Also, the very importance of earthquake signal becomes apparent, and it encourages people to use such innovations.

Compared to oceans, earthquakes are like waves in the ocean, but such waves happen in the ground. So, the problem is real. Waves hit, and everything crashes on the ground. The complexity of it comes at this level. The slower the first wave comes, the stronger the next wave hits stronger. Once the process itself is understandable, then it is easier to act and decide what to do during the earthquake alert.


How to differentiate


People need to get ready for real-life situations through hypothetical situations or theoretical knowledge. Seismologists confirm that terminology might be annoying and even confusing to understand fully. However, they also state that nowadays science tries to reach a broader audience as much as possible, so that hard sentences prevent people from benefiting from the use of researches, which are done for people to make use of them. Earthquake alert is the outcome of such findings. So, the final destination is that to use technology is life-saving and as it advances the concerning population feel an urgency to take advantage of them. On the other hand, soon SkyAlert also is preparing to put its app into use for those who live in Oregon, Washington and LA, namely places where the earthquake is likely to happen.


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