Earthquake is one of the dangerous natural activity that occurs suddenly and causes the loss of humans. One of the extreme quakes happened in 1964 was the Great Alaskan Earthquake. It was the strongest in North America that damaged the life of many people as well as the economy. The tectonic movements of the Great Alaskan Earthquake happened in the Prince William Sound region. After this earthquake not only many people died but also a tremendous amount of loss shown on the property.


However mostly it affected the mainland part, and everyone felt the moment magnitude which was up to 9.2 points. It was a mighty earthquake that lasted about 4 minutes. Although it may seem a short time, the damage was the greatest. Many people died as a result of this terrible event.  The coastal places damaged a lot because of the tsunami and other natural things that quake caused to happen. This event is considered the strongest and the most terrible earthquake in science. After this natural disaster, there were many scientific inventions for decreasing the level of any possible shocks in some ways in the future.


The results of the Earthquake


Great Alaskan Earthquake

It was on March 27, 196 that this powerful The Great Alaskan Earthquake happened. It was at 5:36 and was not the right time of the day that people were in their dinner. Alaskan people who have witnessed this terrible event in 1964 even was remembering all the things. They recalled all the asphalt roads how they rose like a wave and the water that seemed due to the opening of ground. This strongest earthquake damaged all the telephone and electric. Besides, the lines of gases and water all broke because of this event. But all these were not the last. It is because the earthquake was powerful; it triggered other natural activities to happen especially near coastal sides.


Seismic waves were shown in coasts like tsunamis and landlines as well as slumps of submarines. The year of 1964 kept in history as the enormous quake that caused the death of the massive number of people who live in this region. Many people died as a result of this quake and the rest of them about 15 people got harm from the tsunamis and other natural activities in the coasts. That will be bad if we forget the economic loss. It is because that is the central part of the region as well as the country which is the way to be successful. Unfortunately, the loss of properties was the highest, and it harmed the economy and the future of the country.


1964 Earthquake impact on the Coastline



Earthquakes often happen, and even if they may last for minutes, the results are always awful for everyone. The Great Alaskan Earthquake was not long period quake, and it just began and finished within four minutes. This substantial global problem lasted only four minutes. Four minutes may not seem like a long time, but when it comes to shaking off the ground, you feel everything fearful. The quake affected the costs badly. These earthquake effects changed some parts of it. Some parts rose up to 38 feet which is an adverse impact. The forest near the coasts has been affected as well. They collapsed entirely due to the salt water.


Local Tsunamis


When the intensity of shaking almost ended, it was the finishing of the earthquake because of the tsunamis. They immediately sprung up, and even people didn’t have any time to escape. The small town in this region entirely collapsed and almost all people which was about a third of the city died from this devastating process. The results of the extensive natural process were not limited only with the local tsunamis; the other factors created other events as well. Tectonic waves were another thing that was triggered by this quake.

 One of the towns that ruined by the Great Alaskan Earthquake was the Valdez. It was a town that was built on sand. When this giant quake happened, it caused soil liquefaction in the port of the Valdez. This process damaged all the resources as well as lives and other things of this place.  The highest tsunami recorded over 200 feet which seems big that caused the death of many people in the area.


The Reason of the giant Earthquake


Before it was so hard for people to know the reason for this terrible Great Alaskan Earthquake and they had a limited amount of knowledge. Because of that, there was not a specific explanation for this process. Even scientist didn’t know the precise core reason why this quake happened and what was the power of it. After the years of analyzing the geologist found out the central part of this terrible event. They achieved to find the zones where these places were sensitive about the earthquake.


These places were risky zones and the meaning of these areas connected with tectonic plates. In case of the possible quake, they will be affected and will meet which will cause bad things to happen. One of these plates will rise like what happened in 1964 as the roads rose like a wave, and the other will bend under of it. These zones were the fundamental cause of this great quake. That is why this giant quake happened in this area and affected the whole region.


After the quake



After all damage, the scientist tried to use the data received from the Great Alaskan Earthquake. It gathered after the massive natural process. These people wanted to use the data for good things, and they believed maybe they could reduce the level of possible future earthquakes. With the help of this data, the monitoring system created for the scientist.

Now they have more opportunities to search the reasons for quakes and make predictions about future ones. In this way, it is even possible to lower the level of damage that can happen. Besides, engineers used this seismic instrumentation for the benefit of people.  They improved all the properties according to the earthquakes meaning that the buildings and other structures are earthquake resistant which is the right way to decrease the property loss.

However, the 1964 earthquake was terrible; some precautions were still not excellent. It is because after the collapsing of the towns Valdez and Chenega, they were rebuilt again but this time on the higher ground which was considered fault process. It showed that people didn’t any get a lesson from all these situations.  Not everyone was determinant and prudent. Although there are a lot of earthquake experts, they didn’t say anything to the construction of luxury homes in the seismic zones.

Some say that they are quite strong and built precisely for the earthquake, but nobody can say it. The only way to know the truth is to see it whether they will be convincing to the next the Great Alaskan Earthquake. After this quake, the need for the Early Warning System increased. So, SkyAlert achieved to create this system which will be helpful for the future as well. With the help of this system currently, it is possible to realize earthquake data which is successful for preventing possible quakes.




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