This information is of interest to you due to the exact warning time you want to learn. In fact, you will know why it is necessary to have a quake alert system or quake alert app that notifies you of the arrival of an earthquake.

San Francisco, a large developed and highly populated city, implies a great seismic risk which increases the closer the location is to areas where large earthquakes occur. Some of the most important earthquakes have been:

-The Great San Francisco Earthquake of 1906, magnitude 7.9. This earthquake left a balance of up to 3,000 people dead and extensive destruction due to the earthquake itself and subsequent fires.

-The Loma Prieta earthquake of 1989, of magnitude 6.9. It caused about 70 victims and hundreds of millions of dollars in losses of basic infrastructure such as roads, water, power lines, and damage to homes. This earthquake was broadcasted live during that year’s baseball World Series.

Have you ever thought how different the history of these earthquakes would have been if warnings with seismic alerts existed?

In the wake of major earthquakes that have occurred in California, including those in the Los Angeles area, construction standards were improved and, although many buildings are prepared to withstand major earthquakes, there is now much more exposed population than in previous years.

By 1990, one year after the Loma Prieta earthquake, there were 6,023,577 inhabitants in the San Francisco Bay Area; for 2010 the population grew to 7,150,739 inhabitants. It is estimated that at present the population of the area exceeds 7,500,000 inhabitants. Is the population prepared to face an earthquake?

Although there are structures with modern designs and highly seismic resistant, we will be vulnerable to all kinds of natural danger if we do not know how to prepare, especially during earthquakes. We must know how to act when they occur and how to respond to face the consequences. Seismic alerts (systems and apps) offer notifications so that seconds before the strike you can be prepared for the arrival of the earthquake wave.

warning time

Warning Time

Previously, the shocks produced by the earthquakes surprised you, causing you to react with difficulty due to the severe movement of the ground. This notion of an earthquake, associated with the feeling of uncertainty, is about to change because now you can count on the Quake Alerts having the benefit of knowing that an earthquake is developing and that you will receive a notification before the strike reaches your location. How would you take advantage of that time when knowing that an earthquake is approaching you?

It is important to mention that an Earthquake Early Warning is not an earthquake prediction, but an alert system, and that the warning time depends on how far you are from the epicenter.

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